Technology services

Seamless access to markets supported by a robust and sophisticated technology footprint.

ED&F Man Capital Markets offers front-end hosting, co-location services, Direct Market Access, network transport and IT consulting services. These services are backed by an experienced trading application support team with experts in network design, server configuration and deployment, exchange interfaces, market data services, low-latency optimization and industry standard as well as proprietary trading platforms all backed with support provided by our 24-hour IT and trading service desk.

Direct Access Trading

Customised solutions for low-latency trading.

Our global network was designed from the ground up to support the needs of low-latency trading and direct access trading, from the careful vetting of carriers and physical points-of-presence down to the selection of individual routers and switches, allowing optimisation to the nanosecond.

Co-location facilitates direct access trading with financial exchanges and we make the start-up process as seamless as possible. Through coordination with our technology team, a trader has access to our trading system configuration and optimisation expertise; whether their market interface is off-the-shelf or completely proprietary. With datacentre presences around the globe, we optimise for speed and resiliency. Speed and connectivity tests are performed prior to any account activation or the execution of any live trades and after go-live, clients have access to our 24-hour Trading & IT service desk.

Our global points-of-presence are strategically located in Tier 1 data centre facilities in proximity to key financial exchanges; we have interconnected our sites with high-capacity, low-latency, redundant network connectivity. The network employs the latest technology from leading vendors and our exchange connectivity is provisioned at optimum speed.

Direct market access

A solutions focused service, linking you direct to the market.

We provide corporates and brokers with Direct Market Access to premier global financial exchanges.Customer requirements are analysed and consultation provided surrounding network design, equipment installation and server configuration.

This service includes physical implementation of equipment, project management, dedicated network transport between data centres, exchange order routing and market data connectivity. We support individual trading platforms that are run within the firm and deployed to customers and brokers across asset classes and enable external customers to leverage our exchange connections and market data.

We are co-located in data centre facilities that enable us to provide proximity Direct Market Access to the following exchanges:

  • ICE Futures US and Europe
  • London Metals Exchange
  • CBOE Futures Exchange
  • BrokerTec
  • NASDAQ OMX eSpeed

Hosted Platforms

Customized solutions to fit your trading requirements

On our Global Network supports a wide array of trading systems built for speed and resiliency, we host our own, complete X_TRADER® deployment and provide access to a number of vendor hosted ASP platforms. We serve clients with unique requirements and proprietary platforms as well. We host unique and proprietary client platforms and TT X_TRADER® with its latest architecture internally on our global network. The vendor hosted ASP platforms we provide access to include Patsystems, Cunningham Trading Systems (CTS), CQG, FFastfill and Stellar Trading Systems.

Support & Monitoring

We monitor the network: all routing and switching equipment reports health to centralised monitoring servers.

Once systems have been designed and deployed, their health is monitored by a team of IT support technicians. Using a suite of customised tools, our network operations centre has a window into all aspects of our environment, 24 hours a day.

We monitor the state of all connectivity; the bandwidth and latency of all local and wide area circuits is watched and tracked around the clock. Packet loss, interface utilisation and errors are all tracked in real time by our network operations centre.

All of the servers that run on our hosted platforms are tracked; being monitored from the power supply to the disk, CPU, network interface and application processes. Our infrastructure is backed by our own network, server and application administration experts as well as by industry standard 24-hour vendor support contracts.